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(L)  K-Lite with Barn Doors and (R)with Transparency Adapter

Fluorescents in the Studio: The fluorescents have come of age! With recent developments in the field, Osram/Sylvania has finally made the technology very desirable for the photographer. The K-Lite, employing this technology, is an intense, soft, flicker-free compact fluorescent light source that can deliver superb color rendition. "Three peak phosphor" compact fluorescent translates into lighting ideally suited to electronic scanning cameras. Leaf Systems Inc. has made the K-Lite their light source of choice for use with the Lumina scanning camera, for its output intensity, quality of scans and cost/performance factor. When teamed together, the resulting scans, be they 3D or transparency, have stunning color rendition and dynamic range on par with drum scans, compared to disappointing results made with tungsten halogen light.

Background: Many types of the new high-end electronic scanning cameras require constant lighting because of their effectively long shutter openings. Strobes are not suitable here. A further requirement is that the light source have a complete spectral range to give good color rendition. Tungsten floods are not suitable here. Another solution was needed. The solution that a joint effort by photographic and electronic specialists produced fits the bill perfectly. Complete in spectral distribution, flicker-free due to high frequency energization in the K-Lite, Osram/Sylvania's compact fluorescents have additional benefits in terms of energy usage (they are three times as efficient as incandescents) and energy waste (no unnecessary heating of photo subjects or the studio by infrared radiation). But the advantages don't stop there. The life expectancy of fluorescent lamps is thousands of hours and when they finally expire they don't explode! Also, since the entire system is highly efficient, almost all of the electrical energy goes into making usable photographic light, and not making the K-Lite housing so hot you don't dare touch it, or the studio into a sauna.

Practical Considerations: Light from the K-Lite is intense. Due to the overall efficiency, light output is similar to a 1000 watt flood, but actual power used is less than 350 watts! We believe this to be the highest fluorescent power density currently available. Light from the K-Lite is soft. At 1m (3ft.), a constant lighting pattern (within one-third of an F-Stop) two feet in diameter is measured, allowing shadowless lighting many times with just a single unit. The K-Lite has been designed to be versatile. A number of mounting options for the self-contained unit including Bogen stand or boom, free-standing or on its back with an optional light table/precision transparency mount will cover all of the mounting needs of the electronic photographer.

Finally: High resolution electronic cameras are fast becoming the front end of choice for the professional wishing to take advantage of the options available once an image is in the memory of a computer. As in the past, lighting plays a critical role in making that image and we believe the K-Lite is up to the job!

The numbers:

Output Intensity: 23,200 lumen
Electrical Power: 120 Volts AC, 350 Watts
Correlated Color Temperature: 4100 Kelvin / 5000 Kelvin
Color Rendering Index: 85 at 4100K / 98 at 5000K
Lamp Life: 12,000 hours

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