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Shacks, Past and Present

Pix, description of equipment, antennas, etc.

QSL Cards

Home, Mobile.


Antenna Tuner(s), Homebuild equipment, SWR bridges, wire antennas.  Pine Core Coil, Full power antenna tuner

Surplus Military Comm. Equipment

R-392, AN/GRC-19, R-174
R-392 Solidstating
R-174 Power Supply


900Mhz shack remote
Grundig YB-400
Grundig YB-400 Service Notes
Collins 89-S3

Semi-useful information for radio amateurs. World QTH Map
Electrical issues Electrical Power Issues after Strom pulls wires from Bruce H's House

Near Lightning-Strikes and Damage at KA1-RBP

Lightning Damage after Near-Strike at Al G's House

Ground Fault Notes

Single Phase out at KA1-RBP due to Galvanic Corrosion

Update:  I am now the proud owner of a Drake L-4B...so coming soon:  RF deck and Power supply updates, and putting full wattage out of the cottage!!   Drake L-4B
Full power antenna tuner (aka Big Kahuna Tuna)

Other Items For Sale


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